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From Sue:

Every aspect of the job was excellent from start to finish.  [The Salesperson] gave me a great bid when he did a roof inspection on the house that I eventually bought, then honored that bid several months later when I called him back.  I was quickly scheduled and no payment was required until after the work was done and I was completely satisfied.

The crew that installed my roof were polite and very clean and conscientious.  They covered shrubs and my deck, however, I don’t remember anything falling on the shrubs or deck at all because they carefully directed all of the old roof debris into a dumpster in the driveway.

The crew was also responsible enough to keep my gates latched so my little dog wouldn’t get out.  I found no nails, cigarette butts or trash left after the job was finished.  The entire job was completed in just two days!

Marty was always friendly and helpful each time I called with a question, and it was clear that customer satisfaction was very important to him.  I also had some interactions with Scott, who was just as friendly and helpful as Marty.  I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the best company I’ve ever worked with.

[The Salesperson] even encouraged me to call when the roof is nearing 15 years so they could check the roof before the warranty expires.  I’m sure they’ll still be in business because they are a well-established company in Kansas City and they’re fabulous.

Thanks Century Roofing!  I love my new roof!!

From Claude:

They have been one of the best bids that I have had. They were very friendly and cleaned up after themselves. They were here the day they said they would be here. They always had someone available that I could talk to with any questions that I had.

From Sharon:

They showed up on time. They didn’t try and sell us anymore than what we wanted done to the house. They didn’t try and push us to get a more expensive roof than what we needed. We got a little bit better than the mid grade but not the most expensive and they didn’t try to push that on us. All of their men that were working on the roof were all very polite. Every time we went out or let our dogs out to go to the bathroom they would stop working so they weren’t throwing anything down that might hit them in the head or anything.

I thought it was a real nice company to do business with. We had to follow up with them to get some eave vents put in after the fact and they were very prompt. It was in the dead of winter and we had ice storms and the woman was going to send her people out and I said, no please wait until the ice is melted it is not that big of a deal, but they were certainly trying to get the work done as quickly as possible.

Their service representatives are very, very helpful and very responsive. We had gotten bids from other companies and they were right in line with the others.

From Elaine:

Provided quote in timely manner.  Answered all questions and gave suggestions. The roof was installed in the timeframe they promised. Cleaned the property of all debris each day.  Looks great.  Very pleased with the work.

From Robert:

We had a pretty bad leak out of nowhere in a house that had never had issues.  Those things are hard to find and harder to fix.

The guys from Century were in and out like surgeons, and no more leak! They even spotted some potential for future issues and headed them off. The price was quite reasonable.

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